Tea Leaves 

One day as I sipped my tea out of my MUG, I realized I had no place to put the bag but on the coffee table...then it hit me...TEA LEAVES...

Some of my  leaves I find as I walk the neighborhood and the park near my home, many are from out of state. Some are for tea bags, tea candles, a bit of wasabi or butter, my rings as I wash dishes or cook, then there are the larger ones for a bar of soap, jewelry or paper clips, spoon rest...food, dishwasher and oven safe

I have created, branded and selling my "Tea Leaves" since 2007. All of the "Tea Leaves" in the following photos have been sold. I create new ones everyday. I brand each leaf with the "Tea Leaves" name as well as "Fossils of Nature" and my name. Each leaf is identified on the bottom with it's name and where it is from (I receive leaves from out of state from friends and fans). I like to identify each leaf so that the purchaser can remember the type of leaf they own and where it came from. 

                                                                                                 Bougainvillea Tea Leaf

(one of my first)



 Small Tea Leaves  

$5.00 - $15.00 


                                                                            Small Tea Leaves 

$5.00 - $15.00 


Scarlet or Red Oak from Maryland 

Large Tea Leaves

 $20.00 - $85.00

 Water Lilies and Lotus leaves

                                       Each leaf is identified and formed to hold soap, tea bags, candles ...

                                                              A fossil of nature making its mark...


                               Hibiscus                                                                                                               Sycamore

                                   Maple                                                                                  Sea Grape

         Crotons & Sycamore        Potato Vine & Sycamore             Wild Cotton                        Pathos

             Glory Bower Clerodendrum                                         Basswood


                Large Oak Leaf Trio 

*****************************************Florida Wild Grape Vine, Little Fiddles and more Oak 

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